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Other Items

To complement our patterns and kits, we sell a number of other items chosen especially for anyone who loves to appliqué.  Susan uses these items herself and thinks you'll enjoy them too.

Priced as marked.  Specify as required.


PrismPak logo

PrismPaksTM are beautiful collections of 25 different 6-inch squares of 100% cotton fabric, all from leading manufacturers.  Each collection contains a single color family: Blue, Green, Pink/Purple, Red, and Yellow.  We also cut a Rainbow pack with coordinated selections from all five color groups.

PrismPaksTM are the perfect beginning to a diverse appliqué fabric library.

$15 per pak - specify color

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NoteBlocksTM Note Cards

As perfect mementos to share your latest appliqué “find” we offer six sets of Note Cards displaying Susan's most popular floral designs.

Christmas 1 is a collection of Poinsettia Vase, both Christmas Cacti and both Poinsettias:

Set 1 includes illustrations of the Columbine corner, Bleeding Heart, Magnolia, Tea Rose corner and Pansy:

Set 2 contains Wild Flower, Morning Glory, Dogwood corner, Poppy, and Tulip extra:

Set 3 is made up of Thistle corner, Tiger Lily, Hibiscus corner, Carnation and Peony:

Set 4 is the five Fiesta Vases designs: Iris, Poppy, Rose, Sunflower and Tulip:

Set 5 consists of five other vase designs: Amaryllis, Bird of Paradise, Calla Lily, Dogwood and Hydrangea:

All cards are plain inside and are 4¼" x 5½". White envelopes (green envelopes with Christmas cards) included.

$5.00 per pack of 5 cards - specify Christmas 1, Set 1, Set 2, Set 3, Set 4 or Set 5

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Background Fabric

Kona Cotton bolt end

One of the reasons Susan's appliqué has its special look is the rich, off-white background.  She uses Kaufman's Kona Cotton — “Bone” color.  Kona is generally available everywhere, but bone seems to be harder to find than many of the other off-white shades.

$9.50 per yard

1 yard minimum
Multiples of whole yards only


Pellon® Fleece

Pellon Fleece bolt end

The best thing for hi-profile appliquéTM padding is Pellon® Fleece.  Other polyester fleeces should work but we haven't found a need to try other brands.  Remember, batting is too fluffy.

$6.50 per yard

1 yard minimum
Multiples of whole yards only


Richard Hemming Needles: 10 Sharps

Richard Hemming 10-Sharps Needles

We sell only Hemming needles and only #10 sharps  They're large-eye, thin for fast stitching and long enough to get a good grip — the perfect needle for hi-profile appliquéTM.

$3.50 per package of 20   Quantity: